How ScentBar project was born...

Scent bar was born in Cesena in 2009. Since then it has been in the lively heart of the town and it has been an innovative project inspired by artistic perfumeries: it is a smelling bar, designed as a small jewel with iridescent lights, retro music and cups of hot Italian coffee.

Our “niche” market has a special core: the Scentbar fragrance creations.
They are being created, in a small lab, with natural ingredients of high quality and a percentage of 30% of perfume. They are 2 lines: I Caratteri and a line without own names, only Numbers.

A line, for male and female, created for a playful pleasure. A limited range of six: Il Seducente, l’Intrigante, il Selvatico, l’Onnipotente, il Proibito, l’Elegante. We invites scent lovers to find out their signature perfume. You can choose by instinct among floral notes, gourmand, spices and woods .

From 100 to 111, then 200, 300, 400, 500. Each fragrance has a clear identification: everybody may remind, evoke emotions, live flash back or travel.