Profumi del Forte

Stories of sails and the sea. Stories of winds. Heat-rippled sands and passions. Green, restorative pinewoods.

Forte dei Marmi: the Tuscany that meets the Mediterranean. A countryside caressing the light, the fragrances, the poetry of the coast.

The Profumi del Forte are born here. Distillates of the essences of an admirable location, symbol of a lifestyle and of elegant vacationing.
Fragrances suspended – as is the land itself – between the mellow and the austere, for the most demanding of clienteles, the initiates of the sophisticated pleasures of beauty.
The Profumi del Forte are whispers of feelings, taut on the surface of the skin. Droplets of sensuality. Whispers, in shimmering scents, of vacations made of enduring rites and myths: bike rides under the pine canopy, the hidden villas of the archly quiet Roma Imperiale and Vittoria
Apuana districts, sailboat outings on clear Tyrrhenian waters, cocktails at the Capannina, evenings with friends, the wild, aulic echoes of D’Annunzio’s Halcyon.

Scents like jewels, to be worn, to share, to guard jealously – each unique and unrepeatable, little works of art; voices
blending in a generous, sincere hymn to Tuscan excellence.
Everything in the Profumi del Forte collection is about style and harmony: the selection of the very finest raw materials; the rare bouquets; the contemporary and elegant bottle; the crenellated frame which highlights the fragrance, now free, clearly visible, its aesthetics enhanced even before its own smell. It is the creation which deserves to be highlighted and observed. The new stopper shines, golden and its engraving reminds us who we are: Profumi del Forte.
The privilege of memory. The consuming sorcery of nostalgic yearnings. The pleasure of reliving enchanted moments. A fragrance can evoke emotion, passions we thought were long lost. The Profumi del Forteilluminate memories of summers in Versilia and tell tales of sails and the sea, of beaches shimmering in the heat and of green, restorative pinewoods. Sentiment and emotion, a glissade on the skin, borne by the wind of Forte dei Marmi.
Where Tuscany meets the Mediterranean.



Mythical Woods

Profumi del Forte

From: 6,00 to: 22,00
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