APoEM was born as a dream, the dream of our founder, to share her most romantic side with you. Founder of three technical and high performing cosmetic brands, wife, and mother of 3, Paola has a hectic pace.
When she needs to relax she likes to retreat to her fortress to formulate. This is her escape valve. The idea of APoEM was born when formulating products for her family. Simple yet effective products for the delicate skin of her babies and teenager sons.

This is how she found the way to transport them back there.

This became a brand out of the will to share with you, and be able to take you to your own dreams, awakening your senses via your olfactory memory, so you can re encounter your positive and joyful moments, and finally take some time for yourself, relax and enjoy.
The chemotyped aromatherapy will provide harmony and the bio-plasma phytotherapy  obtained from carefully selected botanical extracts will heal your skin.

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