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    Perfumes with citrus, lightly floral or aromatic notes for a fresh sensation.
    Aromatic, Balsamic, Citreous, Cooling, Elegant, Fresh, Luminescent, Mineral, Ozonic, Sparkling,

    Clean - Soft
    Linear scents, natural cool, no pungent or sharp notes. Delicate, pure, luminescent.
    Clean, Exotic, Floral, Fougere, Fruity, Green, Metallic, Musky,

    Rich notes for a sensual erogenous smelling thrill. Based on:
    Amber, Buttery, Chic, Chypre, Creamy, Farinaceous, Gourmand, Honeyed, Lactonic, Leathery, Mellow, Oriental, Powdered, Sensual, Spicy, Sulphureous, Vanillic, Woody,

    Scents with well defined notes, with a strong trail for your nose and on your skin, based on the prevalence of earthy (patchouli, vetiver), misterious, sharp aroma. Animalic, woody, alcoholic notes also may enhance them. It is always a captivating pungent fragrance.
    Alcoholic, Aldehydic, Animalic, Canphoraceous, Dry, Pheromone, Rich, Smokey,
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    For payment on delivery means payment in cash to the courier upon delivery of the products. The courier accepts only exact amounts equal to the amount of the order (you can not have the rest). NO Bank Drafts or postal. And 'possible to pay cash up to a maximum of € 499,00 with costs below:
    Delivery in Italy: € 3,00
    Delivery in Europe: € 3,00

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    IT 56 S 06270 23900 CC0160001021


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