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Goutal Paris
When the emotions become perfumes

Annick Goutal has been a significant House with an international reputation.
Annick was born in Aix en Provence in 1945 and she moved to London when she was 16 where she started her career of top model.
Some years later she met a perfumer of the Maison Robertet in Grasse, it was her turning point.
After a long period of training she created her first perfume taking inspiration from her intensive life, it was Floravril, blossoms of Bortonia and Jasmine on a bottom of Mango.
A year later she created Eau d’Adrien which was immediately a success.
Faithful to traditional methods, selecting noble row materials, taking care of any creations, her brand can be magic for its natural touch of elegance.

Gardénia Passion  
Gardénia Passion
Ninfeo Mio  
Ninfeo Mio
Musc Nomade  
Musc Nomade
Rose Absolue  
Rose Absolue

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